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Friday, June 09, 2006

Father's Day Craft Ideas

Father's Day Craft Ideas - How To Make a Candy Jar

Oh my goodness it has been a fast and furious week. I have been meaning to post more often but have had some things come up. A family friend passed away this week and it has been really sad. No one (not even the friend) knew he was so incredibly sick. He started having a few symptoms, finally went to the doctor and they determined he had cancer basically all over. He hung on for less than a week after diagnosis and sadly passed on.

Gosh! This is turning out to be a depressing post! Let's talk crafting instead!

As you know, Father's Day is fast approaching. I've still got to get the stuff together to make my Dad a shadow box. Just seems like there aren't enough hours in the day!

If your Dad enjoys sitting in the recliner and snacking while watching TV then this may be a neat gift to make for Dad.

Candy Jar

Materials Needed:

Glass Jar with hinged lid
Glass paint
Paint brush
Dad's favorite candy

Buy a glass jar with hinged lid at your local craft store. Using glass paint paint a picture on the jar. Consider painting a fish, golf ball, baseball, or whatever you think your Dad will like.

Be sure to pay attention to washing instructions when considering on glass paint. You may need to point out to Dad that the jar can only be handwashed so the paint job doesn't ruin.

Fill the jar with Dad's favorite candy!

Have Fun!

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Father's Day Craft Ideas


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