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Monday, May 29, 2006

Father's Day Craft Ideas

Father's Day Craft Ideas - How to Make a Garbage Bag Wreath

As with some of my other blogs that I have posted on this Memorial Day, I want to first take time to thank all of our brave men and women who have served our country so that we here in the U.S.A. have freedom. I also want to thank those who are currently serving in our military. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!

Also, if you have seen my blog called Craft Ideas you will know that I used this same craft idea there. But I like this craft idea for a Father's Day Gift too. The kids could make this for Dad but use different embellishments. Keep reading to discover different embellishments to use for a Father's Day Wreath.

Now, for a bit of crafting talk.

If you are looking for an easy craft that even the kids enjoy doing then consider a making a wreath from garbage bags. I have to warn you that this craft takes a very long time to do.

Here's what you will need:

One wire clothes hanger
Garbage bags (they come in various colors so you choose your color)


Undo wire clothes hanger. You do this by untwisting it. Then straighten out the clothes hanger but be sure to leave the hook that is already in the hanger. Now shape the clothes hanger into a circle and twist the end so that it form a complete circle.

Cut strips of garbage bags. There is no telling how many strips you will need. But for length try to cut them approximately 5 inches long. You can even experiment with the length to get the desired look.

Now begin tieing the strips onto the clothes hanger. You just tie the strips like you would tie a shoe but instead of a bow, tie a knot. As you finish tieing one strip, make sure that each strip is nestled tightly against the adjacent strip. Do this until all of the clothes hanger is covered but be sure not to tie any on the hanger.

Then embellish the wreath with your desired embellishments. For Father's Day Wreath Embellishments consider using fishing lures. Of course, before attaching the lure to the wreath break off the hooks. Don't let your kids do this because it is dangerous. Attach fishing corks if you are going for the fishing theme. Have your kids draw and cut out their hand prints from construction paper, even drawing and cutting out foot prints would be cute. These would make cute embellishments. If your Dad enjoys golf then go to the miniatures section of your local craft store and see if you can find miniature golf clubs. A golf ball and tees attached to the wreath would be to cute! Use your imagination!

Just hang the wreath using the exposed "hook" on the hanger.

Have fun!

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Father's Day Craft Ideas


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